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Dedicated to the diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment, of  problems related to the vision since 1985

Services provided by Dr. Murphy include:


The treatment of glaucoma & diabetic eye related problems with the use of laser.


Comprehensive evaluation and treatment of all vision threatening diseases. This includes the surgical treatment of cataracts and other vision robbing diseases.


Digital photography of the back of the eye and other imaging studies to manage eye diseases.


Headaches, infections and watering eyes are indications that an eye evaluation is required. However, spots, floaters, redness or pain, as well as sudden loss of, or blurring of vision, are indications that immediate attention and evaluation is required. If you have any of these symptoms, please do not hesitate. Call and make an appointment to be seen ASAP.


Dr. Murphy’s office is equipped to provide comprehensive optical screening, evaluation and treatment of most diseases of the eye.


There is also an optical store on the premises.